ANNKAT DESIGNS is the work of metalsmith, Ann Kathryn Kehoe. All designs are solely created & produced by Ann Kathryn in Milwaukee, WI. 
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PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY:  I believe it's vital to honor your self & follow your inner guidance in order to bring truth & light to our world. This is an ongoing journey, both personally & artistically, & I feel drawn to encourage kindred spirits. I feel a deep love & connection to mother Earth, & am dedicated to protect & nurture all beings. I refuse to work with any products which harm animals or are irresponsibly sourced. The intention behind each of my creations is to heal & support the wearer in ways which only they may be aware.
INSPIRATION:     I receive messages & guidance through meditation & dreams.  I use this information as the foundation of my designs, focusing on specific themes & incorporating gemstones for their healing benefits. I often hide thoughtful symbols & encouraging words to empower the wearer.  My work is constantly evolving, but the intention remains the same.
PROCESS:     Designs are handmade using a variety of traditional metalsmithing techniques. Techniques include wax carving & lost-wax casting, forging, stamping, soldering, & hand-fabricating raw materials.  I work with silver, bronze, brass, 14K gold & semi-precious gemstones. No designs are pre-made or sourced. All metal scraps are recycled & natural alternatives are used in place of chemicals whenever possible in production. Every gemstone is thoughtfully chosen & all fabrication takes place in Milwaukee, WI. 
BACKGROUND:    Ann Kathryn received her BFA in jewelry & metals at Missouri State University & additionally studied at Kansas University. AK worked as the lead designer at a jewelry company in Kansas City before starting AnnKat Designs in 2012.
 photos by Tracy E. Jones Photography

photos by Tracy E. Jones Photography