AnnKat Designs

Empowering Fine Jewelry

Empowering Fine Jewelry


Metalsmith, Ann Kathryn Kehoe

My jewelry designs are inspired by dreams, created with intention & infused with Reiki. It is my hope that the energy I lovingly invest into each piece will support the one who chooses it. 

My work is created using traditional silversmithing techniques. I enjoy designing with many different processes, which is why you'll see various styles in my body of work. I am capable of designing a piece entirely by hand, carving & casting a design from wax, developing a piece in a CAD/CAM program and often times will use a combination of all within a single design. 

I received my BFA in metals & jewelry design from Missouri State University in 2009 & opened AnnKat Designs in 2013. My work continues to evolve (as do I), but the intention remains the same.